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We have assembled some of the most talented artists and musicians for our unique, one of a kind workshops. Not only will they be educational, but entertaining as well, and If you’re not careful, you just might learn something. See You At The Show!

Drumming/Percussion – 12:30 pm

Larry Schiavone


Pro Performance – 12:30 pm

Lew Fratis

The do’s and don’t s of stage performance. How to focus how to listen how to execute how to concentrate and relax. Shake the nerves and have fun ! All you need to know to be a pro!

Find Your Own Voice! – 12:30 pm

 Gayiel Von

So many singer’s/musicians learn by imitation. There’s a better way. What is it YOU have to say? Learn to connect authentically and emotionally with your audience.

Blues Basics – 1:30 pm

Joe Lev

Overview of what blues is, various varieties of the blues idiom, the blues influence in many kinds of music, important artists. Basic blues harmony and also what to do to learn to be a blues musician and how you get involved.

Breaking and Tumbling – 1:30 pm

Timothy Joseph – Backflip

Breaking moves, group breaking and tumbling, all types of cartwheels, toprocks dancing to the beat, creative dance freestyle help with solo dance circus tricks

PA Help for Musicians – 1:30 pm

Drew Walker

One of the most critical aspects to playing live is quality sound. It can make or break a show. Learn such aspects as maximizing volume and clarity with your PA system, eliminating feedback and which frequency is which, avoiding common sound problem, mixer 101, and much more in this great workshop.













The Ray Charles Project

Cafe R&B

James Harman

Island of Black & White


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